Always Bet On Black

And with that.. It is time for my yearly disconnect from the internet and social media. I’ll be taking time to recharge, take care of myself and dump all of this internet bullshit out of my head. Bai baaaai

If you don’t fuck with the Prince of Egypt (1998) soundtrack.. I can’t fuck with you. 

Brian Stokes Mitchell

—Through Heaven's Eyes


A single thread in a tapestry
Though its color brightly shine
Can never see its purpose
In the pattern of the grand design

I need someone to have a non-Disney movie marathon with me.. I’m talking 

Prince of Egypt

Land Before Time ( 1 -2)

Ferngully the Last Rainforest

Titan A.E. 

All Dogs Go to Heaven

The Secret of Nihm


Cats Dont Dance

Parting Of The Sea.

(Source: rumified)

Went thrift shopping for books and movies and scored a sweet stash. 

If I made a porn blog it would be 90% pussy eating and 10% butts. Pretty good ratio

I hate that the older I get.. the shorter all of the Disney and non-Disney movies that I grew up with seem.. It doesn’t make them any less amazing or anything but it does make me feel like that part of my life is getting smaller… if that makes sense..


This is the only Tuya I’m recognizing.
Sorry Sigourney . 


This is the only Tuya I’m recognizing.

Sorry Sigourney