Always Bet On Black

im in one of those rare loving moods.. i want to kiss everything

sometimes you just want to spend your day eating pussy

Anonymous asked: Nah, you look like you eat the ass and murder the pussy.

LMFAOOooo  who are you? so I can shower you with love and praises for making me laugh so deeply! :p

Not sure why people assume that I am sexually conservative.. I shared a couple of stories with some friends during a circle of trust and they were horrified.. lmaooo it was nothing bad but damn.. the looks on their faces.. i guess it’s because I don’t really make sex stuff a big deal or talk about it a lot

I watched a lot of cartoons and eventually anime because it was different.. The art was great.. Watching made me feel like the world was huge and anything was possible

Can we please have a Storm movie…AND can the actress please be someone other than Halle Berry.. She is a terrible fucking Storm.. meek and subdued.. 

I miss having no idea how money works and believing that absolutely anything was possible.. 

I just remembered that when I was a kid, my best friend and I planned to open a shop and sell candy to kids so that we could save money to buy a gundam in japan.. not a plastic model.. an actual, live, functioning gundam.. lmaooooo we did the math (numbers we must have pulled out of our asses) and decided a gundam must cost anywhere from 114,111 to 440,000 dollars… we could obviously make that much money selling candy to kids during summer break.. it was genius! lol we actually started the shop but i think we ended up using the money to buy a shitload of ice cream and root beer instead.. although i did buy a plastic model gundam with some of it..

I love the classics but I really want to see some new superheroes… 


PRINCE FIELDER - Covers ESPN 2014 Body Issue (Thick)

this is too dope

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